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要说每个人都厌恶Facebook不很真实。但是有成百万(于使用那一网站的数亿人中)的人对Facebook傲慢地涉足用户隐私和组建人 Zuckerberg同等不明确的探入我们隐私的未来表示出了忿意。甚至有组织投入进来鼓励用户离开Facebook.一些人所期待的Facebook的替代物,是一款从一开始就有着强隐私控制的新式分布式社交网络,它叫Diaspora.


The privacy aware, personally controlled, do-it-all, open source social network. Diaspora Project

Diaspora is currently going through a huge refactoring push, the code is changing fast! If you want to do something big, reach out on IRC or the mailing list first, so you can contribute effectively <3333

Build Status Dependency Status


Are you a user?

You can get an account on any Diaspora pod( or for a list of pods), or sign up for an invite at the pod run by the original development team at

Are you a developer?

Read on for how to get started.


Want an invite?

Diaspora is decentralized. You don't need an invite to to fully participate. Just choose your pod for example at or If you still want one have a look at Or setup your own pod

Even if you're not a programmer, we'd love for you to give Diaspora a spin; all suggestions and comments welcome!

Installation instructions

Installation instructions are here.

Thanks for helping battle test Diaspora. Please report any bugs you see at GitHub Issues.

Contributing to Diaspora

An introduction to the source code

Issue tracker (bugs) - Currently going through major cleanup

How to use git

Here are a few good places to start:

  • Run "rake spec" to run our Rspec unit test suite.

  • Run "rake cucumber" to run our Cucumber integration test suite.

  • Take a look at the issue tracker and pick a bug. Write a spec for it, so it's easy for another developer to fix it.

Catches must be tested, and all your tests should be green, unless you're marking an existing bug, before a pull request is sent. Unit tests should be in Rspec, and integration tests should be in Cucumber.

Please make your changes in a branch to ensure that new commits to your master are not included in the pull request, and to make it easier for us to merge your commits.

Please do not rebase our tree into yours. See here for when to rebase.

We need you to fill out a contributor agreement form before we can accept your patches. This dual license agreement allows us to release limited pieces of Diaspora under the MIT license. You can find it here.


Here is our bug tracker and our roadmap. Also, you can find see what the core team is up to here.

Ongoing discussion:

More general info and updates about the project can be found on our blog, and on Twitter. Also, be sure to join the official mailing list.

If you wish to contact us privately about any exploits in Diaspora you may find, you can email, corresponding public key (keyID: 77485064).

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