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Run jslint on the command line fast (with v8 engine)

jslint-v8 is a modern and extreamly fast runner for the popular jslint JavaScript style checker. jslint is implemented by the JavaScript guru Douglas Crockford in JavaScript itself.



Download and compile v8 JavaScript engine according official manual as shared library. On my 64bit Ubuntu Linux I have used:

scons library=shared arch=x64

Copy the v8 shared library to /usr/lib or whatever place is appropriate for your OS:

sudo cp /usr/lib

Compile jslint-v8

V8_BASEDIR=/your/path/to/v8-trunk rake compile

If you do not have ruby/rake you can run g++ directly, please look inside Rakefile.

Run on console

jslint --browser file.js

checks the style for file.js. You can provide all the known jslint switches on the command line. Here --browser indicates that e.g. XMLHttpRequest object should be allowed.

Run from vim

Set up jslint as make program in .vimrc:

autocmd BufRead,BufNewFile *.js,*.json setlocal makeprg=jslint\ --vim\ \%

--vim provides error message formatting suitable for parsing in vim.

Now you can check your JavaScript easily with :make or even automatically on every file save or load.

See a screenshot for usage inside vim.

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