Tokyo Tyrant binary protocol binding for haxe / neko
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ttyrant - Tokyo Tyrant binary protocol binding for haxe/neko.

To Build:
Download caffeine-hx
    The binding depends on math.BigInteger and openssl.ndll for some methods.
    And math.BigInteger's toInt method needs to be set to public.

    Checkout the tests/TyrantTest.hx for examples of usage. 

    To run the tests successfully, two servers on ports 19789 and 19790 will be needed.  
    The can be started with scripts in the tests folder like so:

    cd tests

    in a new prompt start a second server:
    cd tests

    in a new prompt:
    cd tests
    haxe compile.hxml 

    Cleaning up:
    Ctrl-C on both the server windows

There are comments in ttyrant/Connection.hx for method documentation, and the Tokyo Tyrant docs 
further explain the methods.

ttyrant was built and tested on Ubuntu 8.10.  Before building the tests be sure to make
a symlink to caffeine-hx in this directory.

Some methods have not been thoroughly tested yet, so proceed with caution on important data.

-Don Q.