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Add --color and shell alias

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@@ -43,7 +43,15 @@ If you want to see branch and tag labels, add <code class="inline">--decorate</c
***(Thanks again to <%= twitter_user('JRGarcia') %> for the <code class="inline">--decorate</code> tip!)***
-Or, you can use GitX to see all of the above in a cleaner graphical view:
+You can also add <code class="inline">--color</code> to pretty up the display a bit more *(sorry, no time to take a screenshot as I add this)*:
+<code>git log --oneline --abbrev-commit --branches=* --graph --decorate --color</code>
+And, in fact, I have a shell alias that does all of this:
+<code>alias gg='git log --oneline --abbrev-commit --branches=* --graph --decorate --color'</code>
+But mostly, I just use GitX, which shows all of the same information in a cleaner graphical view:
<div class="wp-caption">
<img src="/assets/images2/gitx-visualization.png" class="no-shadow" />

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