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cli tools for

what is

do0 is a good link shorter. can protect you from fishing links.

CLI abilities :

  • easy to use short link
  • just input your link... short link will copy to your clipboard
  • support all type of shell ( even CMD :D )


download build from release ( or build it for yourself with --release flag)

move it to enviroment path ( windows : "C:\Program Files" linux : look at echo $PATH)

  • also rename to do0.exe or do0 it's easier use :)

Usage :

as a service (better way)

first step. for you this ability you must put the executable version in your startup ( if you want ) or run app and don't close it.\

copy link and press CTRL+ALT+d
program will short your link and will show notification after job finished. (it's a global hotkey)

  • some information to how add app to system try or run app on startup :



  • add to startup persian
  • add to startup
  • also if you have KDE or GNOME or XFCE it's easy to put it on startup setting.
  • also if you are using i3 or other fucking minimal wm. you can put it on config file.
  • also linux is good. and if your a linux user you can find a way. ❤️

Cli argument (old way)

we have 2 cli argument.

  • LINK : it's your link
  • --no-service : this will cancel run as service mode.

usage example :

- do0.exe ""
- do0.exe "" --no-service
- do0.exe --no-service
  • tip : if your link has encoded character or space you must put it on double qoute. ""

developer usage :

build :

cargo build

run :


release :

cargo build --release

version :


todo :

  • make windows release
  • make linux release
  • make mac release

v1 :

  • check input is url or not.
  • handle do0 errors

v2 :

  • copy short link to clipboard
  • short website link with a shortcut and copy to clipboard
  • notification center (it's done but has a problem in windows 10)
  • better Cli argument.
  • run in startup ( as service ) (you can do it by yourself. with add it to startup)

v3 :

  • make installation package
  • add system try icon
  • hotkey changeable
  • set private api key on config file
  • make an local history (do0 has history but i don't want to use it)
  • make a ui interface
  • you can choice wich link shorter service you want to use. ( please tell me on issues. ) (for now i want and

Thired party libraries

known issues :


  • AGPL-v3.0

as you wish :D

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