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Taphouse TV Dinners

Taphouse TV Dinners uses Jekyll for static assets and React to pull in information from Airtable.


  1. Set up RVM for Ruby
  2. rvm install 2.6.5
  3. gem install bundler
  4. bundle install
  5. Install node using e.g. brew install nodejs
  6. Install yarn: npm install -g yarn
  7. In tv-dinners repo set yarn version to yarn v2 with: yarn set version berry
  8. Run yarn


  1. Add your AirTable API key to the file: \/.airtable\/apiKey
  2. To start the site locally, run yarn start
  3. To start the site with a watch, run yarn run watch
  4. If using Visual Studio Code/Codium and eslint extension is not working, run yarn pnpify --sdk


  1. Add your production AirTable API Key in Settings -> Secrets in the GitHub repository




  • HTML 62.4%
  • JavaScript 26.5%
  • SCSS 10.6%
  • Ruby 0.5%