A curated list of vulnerable web applications.
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Awesome Vulnerable Web Applications

Name URL Technology Creds (role:user:password)
Acunetix Acuforum http://testasp.vulnweb.com/ IIS, ASP, Microsoft SQL Server unknown
Acunetix Acublog http://testaspnet.vulnweb.com/ IIS, ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server unknown
Acunetix SecurityTweets http://testhtml5.vulnweb.com/ nginx, Python, Flask, CouchDB admin:admin:1234
Acunetix Acuart http://testphp.vulnweb.com/ Apache, PHP, MySQL unknown
Cenzic crackmebank http://crackme.cenzic.com/ CentOS, Apache, PHP unknown
HP freebank http://zero.webappsecurity.com/ Apache Tomcat unknown
IBM altoromutual http://demo.testfire.net/ ISS, ASP.NET unknown
Testsparker ASP.NET http://aspnet.testsparker.com/ ISS, ASP.NET unknown
Testsparker PHP http://php.testsparker.com/ Apache, PHP unknown
NTOSpider Test Site http://www.webscantest.com/ Apache, PHP unknown
HackYourselfFirst http://hackyourselffirst.troyhunt.com/ IIS, ASP.NET unknown
NotASafaWeb http://notasafaweb.apphb.com/ IIS, ASP.NET unknown
Hackazon http://hackazon.webscantest.com/ Apache, PHP, Ajax, JSONm XML, Gwt, AMF unknown
Firing Range https://public-firing-range.appspot.com/ Google App Engine unknown
OWASP Vicnum http://vicnum.ciphertechs.com/ Apache, PHP, Perl unknown
Google Gruyere http://google-gruyere.appspot.com/start Python, Google App Engine unknown
Web Application Vulnerable Lab http://wav-lab.com/ IIS, ASP.NET unknown
OWASP NodeGoat http://nodegoat.herokuapp.com/ Node.js unknown
OWASP Juice Shop https://juice-shop.herokuapp.com/ Node.js unknown
Cyclone Transfers http://cyclone.ciphertechs.com/ Ruby on Rails unknown
Web Scanner Test Site http://webscantest.com/ Apache, PHP unknown