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Authors: Valliappa Chockalingam and Rishab Gargeya

Code Overview

  • Trainer

    • Execute this file to run the entire project.
      • Flags:
      • Configuration Script: Location of configuration file.
    • Manager Class:
      • Self Variables: Env, Agent.
      • Run Method: Train multiple episodes. Visualize distributions (saves graph) with distagent.
  • Configuration

    • All variabes for configuration: Network, Environment, Agent, Optimizer, Experience Replay.
    • Configuration file is propagated through into each submodule folder (Agent, Optimizer, Memory, Environment).
  • Agent

    • Agent creates the Network, Optimizer, Memory and explores the Environment.
    • Types: Agent, Categorical Agent, Quantile Regression, VAE
    • Methods: Act, Greedly Learning, Distribution, Learn
  • Action Policy

    • Implements Policies
    • Methods: Policy, Epsilon Greedy
  • Optimizer

    • Implements Optimizers for Network
    • Methods: Adam
    • Features: Gradient Clipping
  • Memory

    • Implements Experience Replay
    • Methods: Add, Sample Size
  • Environment

    • Wrapper for OpenAI Gym
    • Methods: Step, Reset, Render, Num_Actions, Observation_Dims
  • Util

    • Util Functions
    • Methods: TF Copy OP
  • GCP Config

    • Config files for running experiments on GCP
    •, config.yml, : To run GCP CMLE ./
  • Function Approximator

    • Networks to learn relationships. Agent creates the network,
    • Head: Action Layer for Policy or Value.
    • Network: Algorithmic Function Approximator. Generic MLP / CNN implementation.
    • Types: Categorical DQN, Quantile Regression DQN, Implicit Quantile Networks (IQN)
  • environment.yml : dependencies list

  • run on GCP: nohup xvfb-run -s "-screen 0 1400x900x24" python -m trainer.train params_*.json &

This was supported by Deep Learning Camp Jeju 2018 which was organized by TensorFlow Korea User Group. We also thank our mentors Yu-Han Liu and Taehoon Kim.

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