A good-looking Node.js + Socket.io chat application, built with Bootstrap and other beautiful libs. Totally commented.
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Node.js Chat

This application is made with Node.js, Express, Socket.io and Jade. It use Bootstrap from Twitter and the javascript librairie SlimScroll. Thanks to Node.js, the chat can handle a lot of simultaneous connections without lag. To use it, you need Node.js and those 3 modules.

Install the three modules :

- Go to the chat directory and use this command
- npm install express@4.12.0
- npm install socket.io@1.3.4
- npm install jade@1.9.2

Customize the installation :

- You can change the app port from the server.js third line.

How to use :

- node server.js
- Go to IP:port from any (recent) navigator to start chatting !


Creator : Geekuillaume