Code for the UMKC IEEE Robotics Team 2014 IEEE R5 Competition
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Arduino code for the UMKC IEEE Robotics Team 2014 IEEE R5 Competition


The manner in which you develop is your own; by all means, be as productive as you can.

I would like to highlight some co-development rules:

  • do not make severe changes to someone else's code base without first consulting the original author / developer.
  • adding an overload to add or remove functionality is fine. removing, or rewriting, entire sections or a class is not.
  • If you have any questions regarding the use of a library / class, ask the developer.
  • do not move files or alter the behavior of another's class.

Again, feel free to develop in whatever manner you see fit; the choice of IDE, location of files, layout / structure of classes, and definition of variables can be a very personal decision. But by the time your code hits the MASTER branch, it should conform to the following:

- DeclarationOfClass,     camel-case w/leading Capitalization
- declarationOfMethods,   camel-case w/o leading capital
- /* pre- and post-conditional commentary
- an explanation regarding the use of any constants
- example code showing use of public functions
- at the head of your source files:

  /* NAMEOFFILE.(CPP|H|etc..)
   * written by: All persons who had a hand in writing this file
   * date: generally of original writing, but can be adjusted as needed
   * PURPOSE: A sentence or two explaining the purpose of the file.
   * TODOs, or any other notes that you feel are necessary to describe the source
- If your code references a self-written header file, it must be included in the same
  directory as the source-code. No consolidation of header files.

branch status

  • master - tested working stuff.
  • move - how to combine ir sensor data to make robo move intelligently
  • arm - basic framework for arm movement includiung an inverse kinematic function


library for ir sensors we are using - (NOPE) updated to ->

documentation for that library -

sharp ir sensor diagram -

Encoder library -


/wesley : an ROS workspace

|- /src

| |- /arm : contains all the code for the arm

|| - /src : source directory

| |

| |- /mini : contains the led and button code

| | - /src : source directory

| |

| |- /mega : contains the motor_cmd structure

| | - /src : source directory

| |

| |- /mega_b : contains the backup motor_cmd interface

| | - /src : source directory

| |

| |- /commander : the master control program and functions

| | - /src : source directory

| |

| - /camera : contains all code related to camera

| - /src : source directory


|- /build : ROS specific

|- /install : ROS specific

- /devel : contains the binaries