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Gallery of AngularJS apps and demos.

Adding your neat thing

  1. Fork this repository.

  2. Add a 580 by 400px thumbnail image to projects/[yourprojectnamehere]/thumb.png

  3. Add an entry to projects/projects.json with these properties:

      "name": "My App",  // will be displayed under the screenshot
      "thumb": "my-app/thumb.png", // path to the image (omit the projects/ prefix)
      "desc": "Description of your app", // One or two sentences
      "url": "", // url to your app
      "info": "", // url to app announcement or background
      "src": "", // (optional) Url to your source repository
      "submitter": "IgorMinar", // your github username
      "submissionDate": "2012-05-24", // current date in ISO format
      "tags": [
        "Demo", "Production", "Toy" // choose your app seriousness level (for plunks or fiddles use "Toy")
        "Game", "CRUD", "Entertainment", "Productivity", ... // choose your app type
        "Animations", "Local Storage", "Audio Api", "AppCache", ... // features and technologies
        "No jQuery", "jQuery" // do you use jQuery?
        "Open Source", // tag open source projects
        "Tests Included" // use if open source and tests are included
        ... // others?
  4. Send a pull request