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JSPM Loader: CSS Modules

A CSS Modules loader for JSPM

Install the plugin and name it css locally

jspm install css=npm:jspm-loader-css-modules

Write some CSS Modules:

/* component.css */
.myComponent {
  extends: redBackground from "./backgrounds.css";
  color: white;
/* backgrounds.css */
.redBackground {
  background-color: red;

and use them in your JS:

import styles from './component.css!'
elem.innerHTML = `<div class="${styles.myComponent}"></div>`

The following CSS is generated:

._path_to_backgrounds__redBackground { background-color: red; }
._path_to_component__myComponent { color: white; }

And the styles variable returns

  "myComponent": "_path_to_backgrounds__redBackground _path_to_component__myComponent"

For the opt-in version, using :local to declare exported classnames, use the default JSPM CSS Loader instead.