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simple, shareable typographic posters

Some good examples at


To build this project yourself, do the following:

npm install -g jspm jspm-server
jspm install
jspm-server src

Then http://localhost:8080 should open and you should have a live-reloading hot-swapping dev server!

Note: only .amcss and .jsx files are hot-loaded, the rest requires a full browser reload. With JSPM that can take several seconds.

Also, you don't actually need to npm install anything dev on this project i.e. gulp isn't used for development. JSPM is all you need to get hacking, changing fonts & colour schemes and sending screenshots & PRs. Neato!


To build a minified, bundled version of the project, you will need to npm install, and then run gulp build. In your dist directory you have a static build.

Related Projects

All under development, all by me, and all super early. So send me issues and PRs!

  • jspm-server - live-reloading dev server for JSPM. If the plugin supports live-reloading, it will try to hot-swap files in. If not, it'll reload the page.
  • plugin-postcss - live-reloading PostCSS plugin generator. Used for the amcss.js plugin here in this project.
  • postcss-traits key part of AMCSS workflow in PostCSS.
  • hot-reloading JSX plugin (not broken out yet) - brittle as all hell. Needs a single default export using ES6 classes for all JSX files, but if that's the case it'll use react-hot-api and swap them in.


GNU Affero General Public License