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Javascript's Slightly Stricter Mode

From the Web Directions Code page:

"use strict";

You might have seen someone else type in this magical incantation at the top of a file. Maybe you’ve seen it in an open-source library. Maybe you first used it when Yeoman generated it for you (hint: I did). In this short, sharp session, we’ll cover what Strict Mode really is, when to use it, why you probably want to, and how to do so safely.

Glen Maddern is a reformed backend developer, coming around once he realised that the internet was a Cool Place™ where people do Interesting Things™. So he helped start the super awesome movie review site Goodfilms. Now he works on making it the coolest, most interesting and most internet-famous movie site of all.

View the Slides

If you want to relive the wonder, hit up (you'll need Chrome, and want a fast connection - there are 20Mb+ of gifs in there). If you don't have Chrome but want to check the slides, you can download a PDF here:

Further Reading

Run the tests!

Dependencies: npm, PhantomJS

git clone
npm install -g yo karma
karma start
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