A 4 step guide to develop Django projects with Docker and Compose
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Django / Postgis / Docker

This repository is a 4 step guide to setup a Django project using a Postgis database with Docker and Compose.

Step 1: Create the project

This step is simply the result of the django-admin startproject command

$ django-admin startproject plop

Get the result checkouting the step1 branch

git checkout step1

Step2: Configure the project

Here we add the databases settings and the postgis contrib

git checkout step2

Use git diff to get the modifications

git diff step1 step2

Step3: Setup Docker

At this step we create the DOCKERFILE and the docker-compose.yml files to create our containers. One for the app, and a second container for the database.

git checkout step3

Use git diff to get the modifications

git diff step2 step3

Now we can run our containers

$ docker-compose up

Or sync the databases

$ docker-compose run web python manage.py syncdb
$ docker-compose run web python manage.py migrate

Step4: A map

THe final step, we create an Django app to create a map. The app has been created using the startapp command of the manage.py

$ docker-compose run web python manage.py startapp map

Edit views, forms, templates, etc

Get the modifications of this step with

git diff step3 step4

Get the result with

git checkout step4

Run the containers with docker-compose up and browse the IP of your Docker virtual machine.