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require "rubygems"
require "hoe"
Hoe.spec "rvm" do
developer "Wayne E. Seguin", ""
# TODO: package the release with the API .gem
#gemspec.files = [
# "README", "sha1", "LICENCE", "rvm.gemspec",
# # TODO: Go through manifest carefully.
# # FOR NOW glob
# Dir::glob("lib/**/**"),
# Dir::glob("releases/rvm-#{RVM::Version::STRING}.tar.gz*")
spec_extras[:rdoc_options] = proc do |ary|
# hoe kinda sucks for this! TODO: submit patch for Hoe#rdoc_options
ary.push "--inline-source", "--charset=UTF-8"
spec_extras[:post_install_message] = <<-POST_INSTALL_MESSAGE
#{"*" * 80}
This gem contains only the Ruby libraries for the RVM Ruby API.
In order to install RVM please use one of the methods listed in the
such as,
bash < <(curl -s -B
followed by placing the sourcing line in your ~/.bash_profile or wherever may
be appropriate for your setup (example, .zshenv, /etc/profile, ...):
# Load RVM into a shell session *as a function*
[[ -s "$HOME/.rvm/scripts/rvm" ]] && . "$HOME/.rvm/scripts/rvm"
After completing setup please open a new shell to use RVM and be sure to run
'rvm notes' to gain a list of dependencies to install before installing the
first Ruby. You can read more details about this process on the above
mentioned install page as well as the basics page:
#{"*" * 80}
task :test do
exec "bash -l -c \"./test/suite\""