A PHP client library for making HTTP request to Application Broker API https://docs.geeny.io/api/application-broker
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Geeny Application Broker API PHP Client

Minimum PHP Version License: MPL 2.0

The Application Broker API is used for connecting applications to the Geeny platform and accessing data from connected data sources via message streams.


The library is based on Guzzle, an extensible PHP HTTP client. Everything what you need before start using it is to setup application on the Geeny platform. Follow the instruction Step 1: Set up application on the Geeny platform if you haven't done it yet.


  • PHP >= 7.0
  • cURL Extension (ext-curl)
  • JSON Extension (ext-json)


You can use Composer or simply Download the Release.


The preferred method is via composer. Follow the installation instructions if you do not already have composer installed.

Once composer is installed, execute the following command in your project root to install this library:

composer require geeny/application-broker

Download the Release

If you abhor using composer, you can download the package in its entirety. The Releases page lists all stable versions. Download any file with the corresponding release version for a package including this library and its dependencies.

Uncompress the zip file you download.

Finally, be sure to include the autoloader:

require_once 'vendor/autoload.php';


See the /examples directory for examples of the key client features. You can run them only in your command line shell by running separate script.

 $ php examples/index.php


require 'vendor/autoload.php';

use Geeny\ApplicationBroker\Client;

$config = [
    'application_id'  => '<your-application-id>',
    'message_type_id' => '<your-message-type-id>',
    'token'           => '<your-application-jwt-token>',
    'http'            => [
            // guzzle http client options
            // see for details http://docs.guzzlephp.org/en/stable/request-options.html
            // 'debug' => true,
    // 'base_url' => '<geeny_base_url>' // optional parameter

$apiClient = new Client($config);

Making Requests

For more information read documentation of Guzzle Promises.

use GuzzleHttp\Promise as promise;
use Geeny\ApplicationBroker\SchemaDefinitions as schema;
use Geeny\ApplicationBroker\Exception\ApplicationBrokerRequestException;
$messages = promise\coroutine(
    function () use ($api) {
        /* 1. Getting shards */
        $shards = yield $api->getListOfShards()->then(
            function (schema\ShardsResponse $shardsResponse) {
                return $shardsResponse->getShards();
            function (ApplicationBrokerRequestException $applicationBrokerRequestException) {
                // catch exception

        /* 2.1. Prepare request body before getting iterators */
        $iteratorRequests = array_map(
            function (schema\Shard $shard) {
                return new schema\IteratorRequest(
                    $iteratorType = schema\Types\Iterator\Earliest::create(), 
                    $maxBatchSize = 100, 
                    $startingSequenceNumber = null

        /* 2.2. Getting shard iterators */
        $shardIterators = yield promise\all(
                [$api, 'createShardIterator'],
            function (array $result) {
                return array_map(
                    function (schema\IteratorResponse $iteratorResponse) {
                        return $iteratorResponse->getShardIterator();
            function (ApplicationBrokerRequestException $applicationBrokerRequestException) {
                // catch exception

        $iterator = promise\iter_for(
                [$api, 'getMessageData'],

         * 3. Getting messages in infinite loop
         * Highly recommend Event Loop Integration instead of infinite loop
         * @link https://github.com/guzzle/promises#event-loop-integration
         * @link https://github.com/reactphp/event-loop
        while ($iterator->valid()) {
            $promise = $iterator->current();

            $nextIterator = (yield $promise->then(
                function (schema\MessageResponse $messageResponse) {
                    return $messageResponse->getNextIterator();

            $iterator->offsetSet($iterator->key(), $api->getMessageData($nextIterator));

            if ($iterator->key() === $iterator->count() - 1) {
            } else {

API Documentation

Follow the API Documentation link to read more.


Copyright (C) 2018 Telefónica Germany Next GmbH, Charlottenstrasse 4, 10969 Berlin.

This project is licensed under the terms of the Mozilla Public License Version 2.0.