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Ansible for Kubernetes Examples

CI Molecule Kind Test

This repository contains Ansible and Kubernetes examples developed to support different sections of Ansible for Kubernetes by Jeff Geerling.

Not all playbooks follow all of Ansible and Kubernetes' best practices, as they illustrate particular features in an instructive manner.

Examples and Chapters in which they're used

Here is an outline of all the examples contained in this repository, by chapter:

Chapter 1

  • hello-go: A basic 'hello, world!' application written in the Go language, used to demonstrate running a very simple stateless app in a container in a Kubernetes cluster.

Chapter 2

  • hello-ansible: A basic Ansible playbook, meant to introduce someone completely new to Ansible to task-based automation.
  • hello-go-automation: A fully-automated example of all the manual commands used to build and run the Hello Go app from Chapter 1 in a local Kubernetes cluster.

Chapter 3

  • ansible-containers: An Ansible-driven way of building a container image for the Hello Go app.
  • ansible-solr-container: An end-to-end playbook for building an Apache Solr container image and testing it using Ansible's Docker connection plugin, without using a Dockerfile.

Chapter 4

  • cluster-local-vms: A Kubernetes cluster running on three local VirtualBox VMs, built with Vagrant and Ansible.

Chapter 5

  • cluster-aws-eks: An AWS EKS Cluster with an EKS Node Group, which uses Ansible to apply CloudFormation templates that set up stacks for a VPC and networking, an EKS Cluster, and an associated EKS Node Group.

Chapter 6

  • N/A

Chapter 7

  • testing-molecule-kind: A Molecule-based test environment which allows development and testing of Ansible playbooks against a Kind Kubernetes cluster.



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