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# Set this to 'true' and specify a Git repository if you want to deploy Drupal
# to your server from an existing repository.
drupal_deploy: false
drupal_deploy_repo: ""
drupal_deploy_version: master
drupal_deploy_update: true
drupal_deploy_dir: "/var/www/drupal"
drupal_deploy_accept_hostkey: false
drupal_deploy_composer_install: true
# Set this to 'true' and 'drupal_build_composer*' to 'false' if you would like
# to build a Drupal make file with Drush.
drupal_build_makefile: false
drush_makefile_path: "/path/to/drupal.make.yml"
drush_make_options: "--no-gitinfofile"
# You can configure the `bin-dir` in your project's composer.json `config` key.
drupal_composer_bin_dir: "vendor/bin"
# Set 'drupal_build_makefile' to 'false' and this to 'true' if you are using a
# Composer-based site deployment strategy.
drupal_build_composer: false
drupal_composer_path: "/path/to/drupal.composer.json"
drupal_composer_install_dir: "{{ drupal_deploy_dir }}"
drupal_composer_no_dev: true
- "drush/drush:^10.1"
# Set this to 'true' and 'drupal_build_makefile', 'drupal_build_composer' to
# 'false' if you are using Composer's create-project as a site deployment
# strategy.
drupal_build_composer_project: true
drupal_composer_project_package: "drupal/recommended-project:^9@dev"
drupal_composer_project_options: "--prefer-dist --stability dev --no-interaction"
# Required Drupal settings.
drupal_core_path: "{{ drupal_deploy_dir }}/web"
drupal_core_owner: "{{ ansible_ssh_user | default(ansible_env.SUDO_USER, true) | default(ansible_env.USER, true) | default(ansible_user_id) }}"
drupal_core_owner_become: false
drupal_db_user: drupal
drupal_db_password: drupal
drupal_db_name: drupal
drupal_db_backend: mysql
drupal_db_host: ""
# Set this to 'false' if you don't need to install Drupal (using the drupal_*
# settings below), but instead copy down a database (e.g. using drush sql-sync).
drupal_install_site: true
# Settings for installing a Drupal site if 'drupal_install_site:' is 'true'.
drupal_domain: "drupaltest.test"
drupal_site_name: "Drupal"
drupal_install_profile: standard
drupal_site_install_extra_args: []
drupal_enable_modules: []
drupal_account_name: admin
drupal_account_pass: admin
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