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Ansible Role: Drush


Installs Drush, a command line shell and scripting interface for Drupal, on any Linux or UNIX system.


PHP must be installed on the system prior to running this role (suggested role: geerlingguy.php).

Global composer installation requires Composer to also be installed on the system (suggested role: geerlingguy.composer).

Source installation additionally requires Git and Composer to also be installed on the system (suggested roles: geerlingguy.git and geerlingguy.composer).

Role Variables

Available variables are listed below, along with default values (see defaults/main.yml):

Drush Launcher

Drush Launcher is a small wrapper around Drush for your global $PATH.

It is the recommended way to use drush, but there are some situations where you might wish to install and run Drush globally without using Drush Launcher. The following variables control Drush Launcher's installation:

drush_launcher_install: true

Set to no if you don't want the launcher installed.

drush_launcher_version: "0.10.1"

The version of the Drush Launcher to install. This should exactly match an available Drush Launcher release.

drush_launcher_phar_url:{{ drush_launcher_version }}/drush.phar

The URL from which the Drush Launcher phar file will be downloaded.

drush_launcher_path: /usr/local/bin/drush

The path where drush will be installed and available to your system. Should be in your user's $PATH so you can run commands simply with drush instead of the full path.

Drush global install via Composer

Some people need to have the full power of drush available globally, and this role allows the global install of Drush via Composer. If using this option, make sure you have Composer installed!

drush_composer_global_install: false

Set to yes (and set drush_launcher_install to false) if you want to install drush globally using Composer.

drush_composer_version: "~11.0"

The version constraint for the global Drush installation.

drush_composer_update: false

Whether to run composer update drush/drush to ensure the version of Drush installed globally is the latest version.

drush_composer_global_bin_path: ~/.config/composer/vendor/bin
drush_composer_path: /usr/local/bin/drush

The global path where Composer installs global binaries, and the path in which you'd like the drush binary to be placed.

NOTE: Composer 'global' installation is global to the user under which Drush is installed—e.g. if you install globally using the root user, drush will only work properly as root or when using sudo.

Variables used for source install (Git).

You can also install Drush from source if you need a bleeding-edge release, or if you need a specific version which can't be installed via Composer.

drush_install_from_source: false

Set to yes (and set drush_launcher_install to false) if you want to install drush globally using the Drush source code.

drush_source_install_bin_path: /usr/local/bin/drush
drush_source_install_path: /usr/local/share/drush

The location of the entire drush installation (includes all the supporting files, as well as the drush executable file.

drush_source_install_version: "11.x"

The version of Drush to install (examples: "master" for the bleeding edge, "11.x", "10.x", "6.2.0"). This should be a string as it refers to a git branch, tag, or commit hash.

drush_keep_updated: false
drush_force_update: false

Whether to keep Drush up-to-date with the latest revision of the branch specified by drush_version, and whether to force the update (e.g. overwrite local modifications to the drush repository).

drush_force_composer_install: false

Use this if you get an error message when provisioning like Unable to load autoload.php. Run composer install to fetch dependencies and write this file. It will force a composer install inside the Drush directory.

drush_composer_cli_options: "--prefer-source --no-interaction"

These options are the safest for avoiding GitHub API rate limits when installing Drush, and can be very helpful when working on dependencies/installation, but builds can be sped up substantially by changing the first option to --prefer-dist.

drush_clone_depth: 1

Whether to clone the entire repo (by default), or specify the number of previous commits for a smaller and faster clone.



Example Playbook

- hosts: servers
    - geerlingguy.drush

After the playbook runs, the drush command will be accessible from normal system accounts.



Author Information

This role was created in 2014 by Jeff Geerling, author of Ansible for DevOps.