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Ansible Role: Elasticsearch


An Ansible Role that installs Elasticsearch on RedHat/CentOS or Debian/Ubuntu.


Requires at least Java 8. You can use the to easilly install Java.

Role Variables

Available variables are listed below, along with default values (see defaults/main.yml for default role variables, vars/RedHat.yml and vars/Debian.yml for distribution specific variables):

elasticsearch_version: '7.x'

The major version to use when installing Elasticsearch.

elasticsearch_package: elasticsearch

If you want to follow the latest release in the elasticsearch_version major release cycle, keep the default here. Otherwise you can add -7.13.2 (for RHEL-based systems) or =7.13.2 (for Debian-based systems) to lock in a specific version, e.g. 7.13.2.

elasticsearch_package_state: present

The elasticsearch package state; set to latest to upgrade or change versions.

elasticsearch_service_state: started
elasticsearch_service_enabled: true

Controls the Elasticsearch service options.

elasticsearch_network_host: localhost

Network host to listen for incoming connections on. By default we only listen on the localhost interface. Change this to the IP address to listen on a specific interface, or "" to listen on all interfaces.

When listening on multiple interfaces, if you're setting up a single Elasticsearch server (not a cluster), you should also add discovery.type: single-node to elasticsearch_extra_options.

elasticsearch_http_port: 9200

The port to listen for HTTP connections on.

elasticsearch_heap_size_min: 1g

The minimum jvm heap size.

elasticsearch_heap_size_max: 2g

The maximum jvm heap size.

elasticsearch_extra_options: ''

A placeholder for arbitrary configuration options not exposed by the role. This will be appended as-is to the end of the elasticsearch.yml file, as long as your variable preserves formatting with a |. For example:

elasticsearch_extra_options: |  # Dont forget the pipe!
  some.option: true
  another.option: false



Example Playbook

- hosts: search
    - geerlingguy.elasticsearch



Author Information

This role was created in 2014 by Jeff Geerling, author of Ansible for DevOps.