Ansible Role - Homebrew for Mac
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Ansible Role: Homebrew

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Installs Homebrew on MacOS, and configures packages, taps, and cask apps according to supplied variables.



Role Variables

Available variables are listed below, along with default values (see defaults/main.yml):


The GitHub repository for Homebrew core.

homebrew_prefix: /usr/local
homebrew_install_path: "{{ homebrew_prefix }}/Homebrew"

The path where Homebrew will be installed (homebrew_prefix is the parent directory). It is recommended you stick to the default, otherwise Homebrew might have some weird issues. If you change this variable, you should also manually create a symlink back to /usr/local so things work as Homebrew expects.

homebrew_brew_bin_path: /usr/local/bin

The path where brew will be installed.

  - ssh-copy-id
  - pv
  - { name: vim, install_options: "with-luajit,override-system-vi" }

Packages you would like to make sure are installed via brew install. You can optionally add flags to the install by setting an install_options property, and if used, you need to explicitly set the name for the package as well. By default, no packages are installed (homebrew_installed_packages: []).

homebrew_uninstalled_packages: []

Packages you would like to make sure are uninstalled.

homebrew_upgrade_all_packages: no

Whether to upgrade homebrew and all packages installed by homebrew. If you prefer to manually update packages via brew commands, leave this set to no.

  - homebrew/cask

Taps you would like to make sure Homebrew has tapped.

  - firefox

Apps you would like to have installed via cask. Search for popular apps to see if they're available for install via Cask. Cask will not be used if it is not included in the list of taps in the homebrew_taps variable. By default, no Cask apps will be installed (homebrew_cask_apps: []).

  - google-chrome

Apps you would like to make sure are uninstalled.

homebrew_cask_appdir: /Applications

Directory where applications installed via cask should be installed.

homebrew_use_brewfile: true

Whether to install via a Brewfile. If so, you will need to install the homebrew/bundle tap, which could be done within homebrew_taps.

homebrew_brewfile_dir: '~'

The directory where your Brewfile is located.

homebrew_clear_cache: false

Set to true to remove the Hombrew cache after any new software is installed.


Example Playbook

- hosts: localhost
      - mysql
    - geerlingguy.homebrew

See the tests/local-testing directory for an example of running this role over Ansible's local connection. See also: Mac Development Ansible Playbook.



Author Information

This role was created in 2014 by Jeff Geerling, author of Ansible for DevOps.