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# Pass in a comma-separated list of repos to use (e.g. "remi,epel"). Used only
# for RHEL/CentOS.
php_enablerepo: ""
# PHP package state; use 'present' to make sure it's installed, or 'latest' if
# you want to upgrade or switch versions using a new repo.
php_packages_state: present
# Whether to install recommended packages. Used only for Debian/Ubuntu.
php_install_recommends: yes
# Set this to false if you're not using PHP with Apache/Nginx/etc.
php_enable_webserver: true
# PHP-FPM configuration.
php_enable_php_fpm: false
php_fpm_listen: ""
php_fpm_listen_allowed_clients: ""
php_fpm_pm_max_children: 50
php_fpm_pm_start_servers: 5
php_fpm_pm_min_spare_servers: 5
php_fpm_pm_max_spare_servers: 5
# The executable to run when calling PHP from the command line.
php_executable: "php"
# OpCache settings.
php_opcache_zend_extension: ""
php_opcache_enable: "1"
php_opcache_enable_cli: "0"
php_opcache_memory_consumption: "96"
php_opcache_interned_strings_buffer: "16"
php_opcache_max_accelerated_files: "4096"
php_opcache_max_wasted_percentage: "5"
php_opcache_validate_timestamps: "1"
php_opcache_revalidate_path: "0"
php_opcache_revalidate_freq: "2"
php_opcache_max_file_size: "0"
php_opcache_blacklist_filename: ""
# APCu settings.
php_enable_apc: true
php_apc_shm_size: "96M"
php_apc_enable_cli: "0"
# If this is set to false, none of the following options will have any effect.
# Any and all changes to /etc/php.ini will be your responsibility.
php_use_managed_ini: true
php_expose_php: "On"
php_memory_limit: "256M"
php_max_execution_time: "60"
php_max_input_time: "60"
php_max_input_vars: "1000"
php_realpath_cache_size: "32K"
php_file_uploads: "On"
php_upload_max_filesize: "64M"
php_max_file_uploads: "20"
php_post_max_size: "32M"
php_date_timezone: "America/Chicago"
php_allow_url_fopen: "On"
php_sendmail_path: "/usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i"
php_output_buffering: "4096"
php_short_open_tag: "Off"
php_disable_functions: []
php_session_cookie_lifetime: 0
php_session_gc_probability: 1
php_session_gc_divisor: 1000
php_session_gc_maxlifetime: 1440
php_session_save_handler: files
php_session_save_path: ''
php_error_reporting: "E_ALL & ~E_DEPRECATED & ~E_STRICT"
php_display_errors: "Off"
php_display_startup_errors: "Off"
# Install PHP from source (instead of using a package manager) with these vars.
php_install_from_source: false
php_source_repo: ""
php_source_version: "master"
php_source_clone_dir: "~/php-src"
php_source_clone_depth: 1
php_source_install_path: "/opt/php"
php_source_install_gmp_path: "/usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu/gmp.h"
# For faster compile time: "make --jobs=X" where X is # of cores present.
php_source_make_command: "make"
php_source_configure_command: >
--prefix={{ php_source_install_path }}
--with-config-file-path={{ php_conf_paths | first }}