Drupal VM Docker Composer Plugin
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Drupal VM Docker Composer Plugin

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The quickest way to add a local development environment to your Drupal project!

Get started:

composer require --dev geerlingguy/drupal-vm-docker

Run this command inside the directory of a Drupal project that is built using Composer, and it will create a Docker Compose file which will run a local instance of Drupal VM.

Make sure you have Docker CE installed and running, then run docker-compose up -d. After a minute or two, you should be able to access your Drupal site at http://localhost/.

To install Drupal, the default Drupal VM database name, username, and password are all drupal.

Shutting down the environment

When you're finished developing, run the command:

docker-compose stop

And once you're ready to develop again, run:

docker-compose start

If you want to completely clear out the local environment (e.g. to start over or if you're finished with a project), run:

docker-compose down

Updating the Docker Compose file

The Docker Compose file should be updated automatically any time you update to a newer version of this plugin. However, you can also manually force the file to be updated by running:

composer drupal-vm-docker-update

You should then tell Docker to restart anything that needs to be restarted with docker-compose up -d.


This project is licensed under the MIT open source license.

About the Author

Jeff Geerling created the Drupal VM Docker Composer Plugin in 2018 for a more efficient Drupal site and core/contrib development workflow.