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Changes since latest version:
* Verify SSL certificates by default.
* New function: sslcompat.create_default_context()
* Limit SSL support for Python <= 2.7.8.
Changes in version 0.10.3:
* Refactoring and cleanups of many places in the code.
* Refactored and simplified flow control.
* Made @switchpoint return a closure.
* Documentation improvements.
Changes in version 0.10.2:
* New infrastructure for polling FDs.
* Add Process.close() to explicitly close the process and stdio handles.
* Remove redundant Process.kill() and Process.poll()
* Use Memory BIO for faster and more compatible SSL implementation.
* Add support for Python 3.5.
* Move to new pyuv upstream (1.0.0-dev1, using libuv 1.0.0-rc2).
* Improve test coverage.
* Remove non-standard method Queue.clear().
* Drop support for Python 2.6.
* Make futures thread-safe and add .cancel() method.
* Make Event() follow threading API for timeouts.
* New functions: wait(), as_completed()
* Store callbacks in a linked list for fast removal.
* Fix threading issues with timeouts for sync primitves.
* Add test coverage via coveralls.
* Add .alive property to Fiber.
* http: communicate connection_lost() to waiters.
* create_connection(): raise on callback error.
* Workaround for Windows build failure (link error 1104).
Changes in version 0.10.1:
* Re-release of 0.10.0 with correct README file.
Changes in version 0.10.0:
* PEP-3156 style transports and protocols.
* Incorporate SSL backports from Bluepass.
* Replace Signal with stdlib-like Event and Condition.
* Add support for working with child processes.
* Add support for connecting protocols to a file descriptor.
* Lots of small bug fixes and improvements.
* Improved documentation.
Changes in version 0.9.2:
* Add support for JSON-RPC v2.0
* Logger supports Python 2.7+ style docstrings on 2.6
* Lots of small bug fixes and some cleanups
Changes in version 0.9.1:
* Add thread-safe synchronization primitives.
* Add gruvi.futures.
* Test suite now uses unittest.
* Lots of smaller refactorings to make the API cleaner.
* Remove dependency on six.
* Switch from greenlet to python-fibers.
* Fixed Windows support.
Changes in version 0.9.0:
* Almost complete rewrite.
* First release of beta quality.