Web service that helps with attributing Signups to multiple sources of traffic instead of just the last click like google analytics..
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= What is this?

MultiTrack solves an issue that will come up sooner or later as your SaaS 
business is starting to grow. At some point you will spend money on Marketing and
track your return on investment. To do that, you need to know where your customers
come from.

Most businesses use Google Analytics for those purposes, for example storing the _umtz 
cookies from the Google Analytics tracking script with each signup to later analyise things.

However, the issue with this is that you will attribute the full conversion to the last 
click. For example, if a fresh customer came to you by entering your name in Google does she
really come from an organic search? How did she find out about your brand? Maybe she has been
to your website a month ago after she clicked on a banner, and maybe a week ago after seeing
a article on a blog!

To get good metrics you have to store all visits of a potential new customer with the signup.

This project aims to keep a full log of visits, just set up your own copy on your servers, 
add http://multitrack.xxx.com/track.js to your homepage and save the contents of the _y cookie
with each signup. 

= Todo

* Allow export API (csv, json)
* Add realtime(?) dashboard
* perhaps make tracking cookies more sticky, taking lessons from http://samy.pl/evercookie/

= Installation

  gem install bundler
  bundler install

= Deployment

  bundle exec heroku create