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A simple Octopress aside and plugin to display a Facebook likebox for a Facebook page

Based on the HTML5 implementation of the Facebook Likebox

###Install Instructions

  1. Copy likebox.rb to your plugins directory
  2. Copy likebox.html to your source/_includes/asides directory
  3. Add the following to your source/_layouts/default.html right below the opening <body> tag:
    {% if site.Facebook_pagename %}
      {% likebox %}
    {% endif %}
  1. Add configuration info to _config.yml

###Configuring Facebook likebox There are a number of optional parameters relating to the display of the likebox. They are fully documented at the Facebook developer's website above, but here is a brief overview

facebook_pagename This is required. If your Facebook page is, then the Facebook_pagename would be mycoolpage

facebook_showfaces Will display the faces of people who have liked the page on Facebook.

facebook_showstream Will stream the latest posts from your page.

facebook_bordercolor Change the color of the border of the likebox (in hex). This parameter is not required.

facebook_darktheme Set to true to change to a darker theme for the likebox.

facebook_height Manually set the height for the likebox.

facebook_width Manually set the width for the likebox. Facebook will default the width to 292px. If you're using the default Octopress theme, set the width to 260px for it to fit in the aside area.

###Example snippet to add to _config.yml:

   # Facebook likebox (for pages)
    facebook_pagename: MyCoolPage
    facebook_showfaces: true
    facebook_showstream: true
    facebook_width: 260

###Send feedback

This is my first Octopress plugin! Am I doing it wrong?


A simple Octopress aside and plugin to display a Facebook likebox for a Facebook page



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