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ItemCopy Module for Omeka S

This module allows logged users in the Admin Dashbord to quickly make a duplicate operation on resources, which could be helpful when a lot of items are very similar.
Once installed and activated, the module adds a new button in the actions list in the browse View. Clicking this button will copy and paste in a new item all properties, class, modele... of the selected item.

Image of Dasboard


See general end user documentation for Installing a module

How it works ?

It works with Ajax calls to the REST API of the Omeka S installation which transports item's datas in JSON-LD format.
One call is a GET one to make a READ API operation on the selected resource's data (GET /api/items/:id), the JSON-LD response is passed to a POST call fot creating a new resource (POST /api/items)


A few parameters need to be customized directly in the asset/item-copy.js file (starting lines of the file)

  • The key_identity and key_credential parameters : to perform a GET operation on a non-public resource or/and a POST operation to create a new resource, the API requests must be authentified with key_identity and key_credantial parameters. These 2 parameters are given for admin user by activating an API Key in the API keys tab of their user edit page.


  • Add a filter to the GET API response to get only the properties of each Item, and not the media ressources or the item set for example
  • Use the session credentials to avoid config (see omeka/omeka-s#1613).


Module Omeka-S pour dupliquer des contenus dans le dashboard





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