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The Adventures of Garnet

The Adventures of Garnet is an adult eroge game made in RPG Maker XP, created by qwerty123000.

An updated 2017 version can be found at


  • Windows 2000 or later.

Getting the Adventures of Garnet

Latest updates to the game can be downloaded from Github at

Nightlies :

Archived Snapshot (zip/tar) :

Git : git://



  1. Run Game.bat to convert the source files to the required format.

Getting Started

Navigation : Arrow-keys, WASD-keys

Confirm/Action/Attack : Z, Enter, K

Cancel/Abort : X, F, End, Esc

Settings : F1

Full-screen/windowed : Alt+Enter

Getting Involved

We welcome criticism, suggestions and further involvement.

Visit our project wiki at to get more information.

Known Issues and Workarounds

Game crashes at start with: 'Failed to load script' error.

Run the Game.bat file. A small command window should appear and go through the source files, making them playable.

Editor crashes at start with: 'Failed to load actor data.'

Run the Editor.bat file.

Game.bat won't work, it just disappears and nothing happens.

If you get an error message that "'rxdatav.exe' is not recognized as an internal or external command...", a required file is missing or corrupted.

First make sure that the file rxdatav.exe can be found in the Utility folder.

If the required file can be found in the Utility folder, there may be an issue with another application interfering with the executable. Try replacing the Utility folder with the old rxdatav (, that can be downloaded from the projects Downloads section.

FATAL ERROR: Failed to open executable

The location of the game is currently causing issues. Try moving it to another folder (e.g. directly to C).

Buttons doesn't work properly.

If there's an issue with button presses not being registered or getting sticky, re- or uninstall any RPG Maker RTP you may have previously installed on your system.

Changing equipment may not update the list correctly

Leave and return to the equipment view.

The Dali baths are empty

This probably means that you've used the old SVN respository address for the game. Download and replace the following files: Game\Graphics\Characters\00 (33).png Game\Graphics\Characters\00 (81).png Game\Graphics\Characters\00 (84).png

No progression of story in Carthage

Contact Information

Project Maintainer:


General Discussions: