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libclang based frontend for cwrap

cwrap, written by Chris Colbert, is a tool for the automatic generation of Cython declarations (pxd files) from C/C++ header files.

This fork adds another frontend, using libclang of the llvm-project for parsing C/C++.


  • the libclang library (, libclang.dylib or libclang.dll), contained in llvm binary distribution needs to be somewhere on the binary search path.
  • if your header files contain const definitions, you need a Cython > 0.18 in order to be able to compile it

Getting started

  • checkout
  • try it (in cwrap):
python tests/test.h
  • have a look at the generated pxd file
less tests/result_clang/_test.pxd
  • Additional testing (this command needs Python 2.7):
python -m unittest discover -s test

Current status

For C headers the libclang frontend produces useful results.

Rudimentary support for parsing C++ headers is provided. Known problems exist with supporting following C++ features:

  • class template (libclang misses support)
  • nested class definitions
  • default arguments
  • namespaces

Ideas for improvements

  • tests, tests, tests.
  • provide a way to configure which declarations get exposed (especially for nested includes), e.g., no definitions from system includes, give list of header files, ...
  • libclang enables parsing of comments, supporting doxygen syntax. automatically generate documentation comments. does cython support this for cdef extern?


Chris Colbert (original cwrap), Gregor Thalhammer and Volker Mische (libclang frontend)

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