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  1. BallisticCalculator1 BallisticCalculator1 Public

    A new version of a ballistic calculator API, a new generation light-weight, LGPL library of modelling projectile trajectory in atmosphere

    C# 31 3

  2. PDF.Flow.Examples PDF.Flow.Examples Public

    Samples, articles, issue reporting and documentation related to Gehtsoft PDF.Flow library.

    18 11

  3. go_ballisticcalc go_ballisticcalc Public

    LGPL library for small arms ballistic calculations (Go)

    Go 15 3

  4. Gehtsoft.Barcodes Gehtsoft.Barcodes Public

    The cross-platform C# library to easily generate barcodes, including QR codes. The library allows application developers to add a variety of standard barcodes and QR codes using convenient API.

    C# 4 7

  5. PDFLib PDFLib Public

    The native (C++) and .NET code of Haru library in the version adapted for Gehtsoft's PDFFlow library.

    C 3 1

  6. goharu goharu Public

    Golang interop for libHaru

    C 1 3


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