Simple hadoop compressor codec to encrypt your hadoop files with public key (It's transparent for all hadoop infraestructure)
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#Hadoop Crypto Compressor It's a simple "compressor" for hadoop (really don't compress anythig) but enable you to encrypt your data with public key "AES/CBC/PKCS5Padding"

##How to use it?

In Hadoop

It's simple, download the jar and put it in your hadoop classpath, so configure the compression codecs adding



So if you use CryptoCodec as codec you will need to use as config property crypto.secret.key to put your private key (you can define it in runtime)

From the command line

From the command line, you can encrypt and decrypt files using the following:

java -jar target/HadoopCryptoCompressor-0.0.6-SNAPSHOT.jar -e -aeskey "key" -in test -out test.crypto

java -jar target/HadoopCryptoCompressor-0.0.6-SNAPSHOT.jar -d -aeskey "key" -in test.crypto -out

You can use the -h option to get more details.