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SQL Generator

This library supports generating SQL from Excel sheets (.xls), CSV files and other formats.

Getting started

Data sheet formats

Excel (.xls or .xlsx) files

Each sheet corresponds to a database table.

The sheet name should be the desired table name.
Within the sheet, the first row must be composed of the column names.
Later rows are interpreted as records.

Define project

You write your conversion rules in your project class. Sample code is below.

import com.geishatokyo.sqlgen._
object YourProject extends DefaultProject{

  def main(args : Array[String]) {
    fromFile("hoge.xls","fuga.csv","aaa.xlsx") >>
      YourProject >>
      xls.toDir("output/xls") >> 
      mysql.toDir("output/sql") <>
      csv.toConsole execute()


    column("column1").map( c => "Map " + c.asString)
    column("column2") := "set to all rows"
    column("column3") ?= "set to empty cell foreach rows"
    column("column4").setIfEmpty("Act almost same as ?=")
    column("column5").name = "NewColumnName"
    column("column6") := { "Set another cell value" + column("column1").asString }

    column("aaa").map(c => {
      c.row("id").asString + c.row("name").asString
    sheet.addRow(List("2","tom","value for aaa"))