Observer a directory and copy changed files to another directory with node.js
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What is jalapeno?

jalapeno is basically a watchdog which observes a directory, monitores changes in the observed directory (as example, new file, file changes, file is removed) and forwards those changes to a destination directory.

As I'm often working with a designer, who shares me the assets of our apps in a Dropbox folder, I observe this folder and copy every change to my app's directory. With this method I can be sure that I always use the latest assets he pushed into the Dropbox folder.

Actually I've no idea why I used node.js to build it, but I think I just wanted to try something new.

How to use jalapeno?

  • Install jalapeno with npm install jalapeno .
  • For a single file simple execute node jalapeno.js <absolute_path_to_observe> <absolute_path_to_dest_directory>
  • For multiple files simple execute node jalapne.js -list <absolute_path_to_json_file_list>

    Where the json file should look like this:

            "src": "/Users/gk/Desktop/src/",
            "dest": "/Users/gk/Desktop/dest/"
            "src": "/Users/gk/Dropbox/ImportantImages/",
            "dest": "/Users/gk/Desktop/dest/"   
  • Have fun and follow Georg Kitz on Twitter.

What's next?

Other things which will show up sooner or later:

  • Launch on startup.
  • Any idea you come up with.


jalapeno is under MIT.


jalapeno uses the following source under the hood.