Replace the default Firefox and Thunderbird password manager with zx2c4's pass
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Not supported any more! This addon heavily relies on legacy features, which will no longer be supported by Firefox 57+ and there doesn't seem to be a way to port the functionality to WebExtensions. There is a final, untested build which might still work with Firefox 56.

The following firefox forks are known to still work with this plugin:


Extension for Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird. Replaces the default password managers storage with pass by implementing nsILoginManagerStorage.

The implementation is not complete and probably never will be. It is not possible to disable password saving for single domains.


Because pass-manager replaces the default password storage backend, it is compatible with plugins like Password Exporter.

  1. Install Password Exporter
  2. Export saved passwords
  3. Optionally delete all saved passwords
  4. Install pass-manager
  5. Import saved passwords

Switching back to the integrated storage engine works the other way around.


There are some options exposed via the about:config interface. The scope is extensions.passmanager.*. For people using a command line password manager, this should be sufficient :-)

Storage format

Passwords are stored in the subfolder mozilla/PRODUCT/DOMAIN/passmanager### by default. All other files in the three mozilla/PRODUCT/DOMAIN/ will be parsed, too.

The field mapping can be configured via about:config. By enabling the fuzzy option, missing hostname, formSubmitURL and httpRealm fields will be autocompleted with the values firefox expects. So the only required field for a username/password login is username. An entry like this would match all protocols and forms for DOMAIN on any port. For password only logins, no additional fields are required.