Minimally design scripting language for use on systems with limited resources.
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geky Added simple main.c
This is a simple and somewhat hacky example program. I wouldn't say
its fleshed out enough, but without a main.c to build with the current
user experience is a bit awful.
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Mu is a lightweight scripting language designed to be easily embeddable. With simplicity as its core goal, Mu boasts a minimal language backed by a small, but powerful, builtin library.

# A quicksort implementation
fn qsort(data)                                       
    let [x,] = tbl(data)                      
    if (len(data) == 0)                              
        return [x]                                   
    let small = filter(fn(y) -> y <  x, data)        
    let large = filter(fn(y) -> y >= x, data)        
    return qsort(small) ++ [x] ++ qsort(large)       

You can find out more about the language here