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Kanban for WordPress

Learn more about the plugin for WordPress

Read more and download it at

Watch a short video on using the Kanban for WordPress plugin

Welcome to the Kanban for WordPress repository on GitHub. Here you can browse the source, look at open issues and keep track of development. We recommend all developers to follow the Kanban for WordPress development blog to stay up to date about everything happening in the project. You can also follow @KanbanWP on Twitter for the latest development updates.

If you are not a developer, please use the Kanban plugin page on

Documentation: The Kanban for WordPress documentation site

Changelog: The Kanban for WordPress changelog page


This repository is not suitable for support. Please don't use our issue tracker for support requests, but for core Kanban issues only. Support can take place in the appropriate channels:

Support requests in issues on this repository will be closed on sight.

Contributing to Kanban for WordPress

If you have a patch, or stumbled upon an issue with Kanban core, you can contribute this back to the code. Please read our contributor guidelines for more information how you can do this.

Usage in production

The master branch of this repository is a development branch and should not be used in production. Instead, please check out the latest tag release or plugin page.


For optimized user experience, upon activation, the plugin will make an API connectivity test. This API call is anonymous and will NOT share any identifiable information about your site or user.

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