Custom backup solution for Centos CWP.
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Centos CWP 6.9 Custom Backup


What is this?

This project is a customized backup solution for CentOS Web Panel 6.9 which works with AutoMySQLBackup (not included).

Recommended file locations:





account-backup-cron.conf configuration guide.

Parameter Description Example Values
PARENT_DIR Shared parent directory with AutoMySQLBackup but not the same one. Database & user account backups shuld be in separate subdirectories. /home/backup
BACKUP_DIR Sub directory for user account backups /account
COUNT_DAILY The number of saved daily backups 6
WEEKLY_DAY The day when to do the weekly backup (only 1 day) Sun
COUNT_WEEKLY The number of saved weekly backups 2
MONTHLY_DAY The date of the month when to do the monthly backup (only 1 day) 01
COUNT_MONTHLY The number of saved monthly backups 1
FTP_SERVER The IPv4 address of the remote FTP server 111.222.333.444
FTP_PORT The port number of the remote FTP server 21
FTP_FOLDER Remote folder on the FTP server /centos-cwp
FTP_USER Username to access the FTP server username
FTP_PASS Password to access the FTP server password

Find out more about this project and setup here.