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PHP Captcha


What is this?

A simple captcha image generator powered by PHP. The code generates a random number and render it as an image with coloured background and radial lines. The random number is saved into the PHP session for further validation (forms).

  • Configurable
  • Simple implementation
  • Different ways to insert into scripts


Parameters can be passed to the class to coustumize the captcha image. The following properties are supported. If a parameter is not given then the default value will apply.

Parameter Description Accepted Values Default Value
mode Select how the captcha is implemented. raw, b64 b64
length The length of the generated random number 1-20 6
type The rendering image type. png, jpeg, gif png
tColor The colour of the random number in hex format without #. 3 or 6 long format 646464
bColor Background colour in hex format without #. 3 or 6 long format F0F0F0
lColor Radial line colour in hex format without #. Recommended to be the same as the text color. 3 or 6 long format 646464


After the generated captcha image the random number will be saved in the session $_SESSION['gCaptcha']. It can be accessed later to compare its value with the submitted one to validate the form.

There are 2 ways to insert the captcha image into your code.

1. Raw Mode

In this mode the source PHP captch file is inserted into the <img /> HTML tag as the source attribute. The script will generate an image and set the header to its type. The mode=raw proprerty must be set! Some servers may not allow this option due to security settings.

<img src="GellaiCaptcha.php?mode=raw" />

Inserting with parameters:

<img src="GellaiCaptcha.php?mode=raw&length=8&type=gif&tColor=646464&bColor=F0F0F0&lColor=646464" />

2. Base 64 Mode (recommended)

This will echo out the complete <img /> HTML tag. The class needs to be included to echo out the return value of getCaptcha(); function.

<?php include 'GellaiCaptcha.php'; ?>

<?php echo $gCaptcha->getCaptcha(); ?>

The parameters are passed to the function in the form of an array.

<?php include 'GellaiCaptcha.php'; ?>

	$param = array(
		'length' => 8,
		'type'	 => "gif",
		'tColor' => "646464",
		'bColor' => "F0F0F0",
		'lColor' => "646464"

	echo $gCaptcha->getCaptcha($param); 

The mode property is not required to be set here.

To Do

Add refresh button to renew the captcha image and reset the session without reloading the page.

  • Using Javascript/AJAX
  • Only works in Base 64 Mode
  • Maybe refresh button is drawn with PHP?