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Raspberry Pi web server to control a RGB LED over the internet
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Raspberry Pi Web LED


Raspberry Pi Web LED

What is this?

This Java application is to demonstrate how to control a tri-colour (RGB) LED from the internet. Tomcat servlet is running on a Raspberry Pi and the user can interfere with the Pi’s GPIO’s (General Purpose Input Output) from the web browser.

Hardware requirements

- 1 x Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
- 1 x 5mm RGB LED
- 3 x Resistors (see the values later)
- 1 x Solderless Breadboard
- 4 x Male to Female Jumper Wires

Required packages

- Java JDK
- WiringPi
- Maven	


The installation must be done on the Raspberry Pi.

Get The Repository

$ git clone git://

Compile source

$ mvn clean package

Starting the web server

$ java -jar target/raspiwebled.war

Find out more about this project and setup here.

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