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A proof of concept injectable C++ dll, that uses naked inline hooking and direct memory modification to change your TeamViewer permissions.
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TeamViewer Permissions Hook V1


A proof of concept injectable C++ DLL, that uses naked inline hooking and direct memory modification to change TeamViewer permissions.


  • As the Server - Enables extra menu item options on the right side pop-up menu. Most useful so far to enable the "switch sides" feature which is normally only active after you have already authenticated control with the client, and initiated a change of control/sides.
  • As the Client - Allows for control of mouse with disregard to servers current control settings and permissions.


As the Server



  • Utilizes signature/pattern scanning to dynamically locate key parts in the code at which the assembly registers hold pointers to interesting classes. Applies inline naked hooks a.k.a code caves, to hi-jack the pointers to use for modification via direct memory access to their reversed classes.
  • Inject and follow the steps


  • Your favorite Manual Mapper, PE Loader, DLL Injector, inject into - "TeamViewer.exe"
  • This version was Built on Windows 10, for TeamViewer x86 Version 13.0.5058 - (Other versions of TeamViewer have not been tested but with more robust signatures it may work, linux not supported)


  • Developed for educational purposes as a proof of concept for testing. I do not condone the or support the use of this software for unethical or illicit purposes. No responsibility is held or accepted for misuse.


@timse93 - Research and Testing

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