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Newebe CLI

Small client to use the distributed social network Newebe from the command line. It's useful when you're too lazy to open a web browser.


pip install git+


Create ~/.newebe-config then put your newebe url as first line and put your password as second line.

I know that doesn't provide a good security. But you can start by making it only readable by your user.


This displays the last 10 messages you received: get lastmessages

This posts a new message to your contacts: post <message>

Full usage:

Usage: get lastmessages [--config=config_file] post <message> [--tag=<tag>] [--config=config_file] (-h | --help) --version
  -h --help                Show this screen.
  --version                Show version.
  --tag=<tag>              Post messaage with given tag.
  --config=<config_file>   Change config file location
                           (default: ~/.newebe-config).