OpenQuake's Engine for Seismic Hazard and Risk Analysis
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OpenQuake Engine

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The OpenQuake Engine is an open source application that allows users to compute seismic hazard and seismic risk of earthquakes on a global scale. It runs on Linux, macOS and Windows, on laptops, workstations, standalone servers and multi-node clusters.

Jenkins (Python 2): Build Status

Travis CI (Python 3): Build Status

Current stable

Current stable version is the OpenQuake Engine 2.1 'Benioff'. The documentation is available at

Documentation (master tree)

General overview





Running the OpenQuake Engine


The OpenQuake Engine is released under the GNU Affero Public License 3.



The OpenQuake Engine is developed by the Global Earthquake Model Foundation (GEM) with the support of

If you would like to help support development of OpenQuake, please contact us at For more info visit the GEM website at