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OpenQuake Hazardlib

OpenQuake Logo

The OpenQuake Hazard Library is open-source software for performing seismic hazard analysis.


hazardlib includes modules for modeling seismic sources (point, area and fault), earthquake ruptures, temporal (e.g. Poissonian) and magnitude occurrence models (e.g. Gutenberg-Richter), magnitude/area scaling relationships, ground motion and intensity prediction equations (i.e. GMPEs and IPEs). Eventually it will offer a number of calculators for hazard curves, stochastic event sets, ground motion fields and disaggregation histograms.

hazardlib aims at becoming an open and comprehensive tool for seismic hazard analysis. The GEM Foundation supports the development of the library by adding the most recent methodologies adopted by the seismological/seismic hazard communities. Comments, suggestions and criticisms from the community are always very welcome.



The OpenQuake Hazardlib is also distributed in the form of binary package for Linux, macOS and Windows as part of the OpenQuake Engine suite. See the OpenQuake Engine README for more information.



The OpenQuake Hazardlib is released under the GNU Affero Public License 3.



The OpenQuake Hazardlib is developed by the Global Earthquake Model Foundation (GEM) with the support of

For more info visit the GEM website at