Jun 25, 2015
Ruby: Remove assert in RubyPort retry list logic
Remove the assert when adding a port to the RubyPort retry list.
Instead of asserting, just ignore the added port, since it's
already on the list.
Without this patch, Ruby+detailed fails for even the simplest tests
Jan 30, 2015
config: arm: fix os_flags
Fix the makeArmSystem routine to reflect recent changes that support kernel
commandline option when running android. Without this fix, trying to run
android encounters a 'reference before assignment' error.

Committed by: Nilay Vaish <nilay@cs.wisc.edu>
Oct 11, 2014
sim: draining bug for fast-forwaring multiple cores
fix draining bug where multiple cores hit max_insts_any_thread simultaneously

Committed by: Nilay Vaish <nilay@cs.wisc.edu>
Jun 1, 2014
style: eliminate equality tests with true and false
Using '== true' in a boolean expression is totally redundant,
and using '== false' is pretty verbose (and arguably less
readable in most cases) compared to '!'.

It's somewhat of a pet peeve, perhaps, but I had some time
waiting for some tests to run and decided to clean these up.

Unfortunately, SLICC appears not to have the '!' operator,
so I had to leave the '== false' tests in the SLICC code.
Jan 4, 2014
config, x86: move kernel specification from tests to FSConfig.py
For some reason, the default x86 kernel is specified in
tests/configs/x86_generic.py and not in configs/common/FSConfig.py,
where the kernels for all the other ISAs are.  This means that
running configs/example/fs.py for x86 fails because no kernel
is specified.  Moving the specification over fixes this problem.

There is another problem that this uncovers, which is that going
past the init stage (i.e., past where the regression test stops)
fails because the fsck test on the disk device fails, but that's
a separate issue.
Jul 11, 2013
ruby: removed the very old double trigger hack
Committed by: Nilay Vaish <nilay@cs.wisc.edu>
Apr 22, 2013
cpu: fix a switching issue with the o3 cpu.
This change fixes the switcheroo test that broke earlier this month. The code
that was checking for the pipeline being blocked wasn't checking for a pending
translation, only for a icache access.
Jun 27, 2012
ARM: Fix address range issue with VExpress EMM
Dec 15, 2011
IO: Fix bug in DMA Device where receiving a snoop on DMA port would c…
…ause a panic.

extra : rebase_source : 8152d4fa7d7354c9f150a450ae0710e95141ba4b
Nov 18, 2009
ruby: added sequencer stats to track what requests are waiting on