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Hamara Internet app

The Hamara Internet app aims to provide digital security training advice for people facing harassment, and is a complement to the workshops of the Digital Rights Foundation. This app will be available on Android in both Urdu and English.


The Hamara Internet app is made using React Native, as a result you will need to install Node and React Native CLI. Once cloned locally, cd to project root and run npm install. This app is built to support Android versions from 4 (Kit Kat) upwards, below that is untested and may have issues.

Launch Android app

To run the Hamara Internet app locally, in a Terminal window pointed at the project root type react-native run-android You will need to have an Android device (version 4+) connected or an emulator open (Genymotion is recommended).


iOS instructions

The Hamara Internet app does not have a planned iOS release yet so instructions for running an iOS version are not available. However, running react-native run-ios should work as expected.


Solutions to common errors:

  • Check there are no hyphens in the app name, replace any "hamara-internet-app" names with "hamarainternetapp"
  • Change to Java version 1.8.0
  • Ensure you have ANDROID_HOME env variable set correctly; it should point to your sdk directory (e.g. Users/computerName/Library/Android/sdk)
  • Ensure your PATH env variable is set correctly; should point to the tools and platform-tools folders within your sdk directory
  • Ensure your JAVA_HOME env variable is set and correctly reflects your Java version (e.g. $(usr/libexec/java_home -v 1.8))

Phone override

When a dash is in the middle of English numbers inside a block of text that is primarily in a right-to-left language, the numbers are swapped around. This can cause issues with text orientation and particularly with react-native-autolink. Therefore, add the following code to react-native-autolink/matchers.js and change the regex to suit your needs.

    id: 'phone',
    regex: /[0-9]{4}[\.-][0-9]{5}/g,
    Match: Autolinker.Util.extend(Autolinker.match.Match, {
      constructor(cfg) {, cfg); =;
      getType() {
        return 'phone';
      getPhone() {

Your index.js file in that folder should contain this:

case 'phone': {
  const number = match.getPhone();
  switch ( {
    case 'sms':
    case 'text':
      return [`sms:${number}`];
      return [`tel:${number}`];


Digital security training app for women in Pakistan



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