12-hour experiment in CSS3 animation and Grunt
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New Years Eve CSS3 experiment

Final animation can be seen at http://gembarrett.com/ny14/

Experiment in CSS3 animation

This 12-hour experiment in CSS3 animation demonstrates the use of CSS3 keyframes (fireworks), sprites (background image), and other transition styles.

  • index.html: where the animation takes place
  • css: contains folders for the SASS and final, minified stylesheet
  • Gruntfile.js: contains the configuration used to make Grunt watch, process and minify the CSS and images
  • images: contains the background sprite and social link logos
  • package.json: further configuration of the Grunt tasks

Any bug submissions or suggestions for improvements or features (I'd like to add snow to the animation at some point) gratefully received.

For further info about this project, please contact me at gem@gembarrett.com. The rest of my portfolio is at gembarrett.com if you're curious :)