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Gemian - Debian on the Gemini PDA and Cosmo Communicator

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  1. Forked from dguidipc/gemini-android-kernel-3.18

    Gemini PDA Linux kernel v3.18 (for Debian/SailfishOS) - branch 'native' is built for debian package

    C 10 9

  2. Cosmo PDA Linux kernel v4.4 (for Debian)

    C 9 6

  3. Gemini PDA keymaps - building from branch 'buster' for stretch as well

    Makefile 5 8

  4. Forked from NotKit/xf86-video-hwcomposer

    Xorg DDX driver to renderer through HWComposer API on Android devices via libhybris

    C 4 2


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