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A SourceMod plugin for Team Fortress 2 which brings the crazy, fun experience of Nintendo's WarioWare games, to Team Fortress 2.
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Small WarioWare logo Yet another WarioWare plugin for Team Fortress 2 servers.

Extension Dependencies

This plugin utilises the following extensions:

Cloning the repo

This repository makes use of Git LFS. Install the Git LFS extension before cloning to correctly download assets.

Repository structure

The src folder contains the plugin source-code. The assets folder contains data relating to the map, plugin overlays and sounds.


View the gamemode credits here:


We currently are looking for translators to help improve the multilingual aspect of the plugin! If your language is not listed below and you would like to help us out, please create an issue on this repository with the title "Translator request" and we will be in contact.


  • French: Available
  • Russian: Taken
  • Italian: Taken
  • Spanish: Taken
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