A SourceMod plugin for Team Fortress 2 which brings the crazy, fun experience of Nintendo's WarioWare games, to Team Fortress 2.
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Mario6493 Update MicroTF2_2018_master.vmf
Moved blocks on the final part of the BB boss area so it can actually be beaten
Also changed the floor texture on the barrel boss area
Fixes #43
Latest commit fb0aa78 Jan 20, 2019



Yet another WarioWare plugin for Team Fortress 2 servers.


This plugin is now being maintained as of August 2018. 2018 Map update is now in progress.

Extension Dependencies

This plugin utilises the following extensions:

Cloning the repo

This repository makes use of Git LFS. Install the Git LFS extension before cloning to correctly download assets.

Repository structure

The src folder contains the plugin source-code. The assets folder contains data relating to the map, plugin overlays and sounds.


This plugin uses many code snippets from other plugins over the years. Credit where credit is due, and I do not claim ownership over said code snippets.

MicroTF2 is a project by GEMINI Developments. Their homepage can be accessed at the following URL: https://gemini.software

Project Lead

  • Stevu's avatar Stevu

Map Development

  • Mario6493's avatar Mario6493
  • Nekky's avatar Nekky
  • Stevu's avatar Stevu
  • Testinglol's avatar Testinglol

Particle Development

  • Testinglol's avatar Testinglol

Plugin Development

  • Stevu's avatar Stevu

Texture Development

  • Mario6493's avatar Mario6493
  • Testinglol's avatar Testinglol
  • Stevu's avatar Stevu

Research and Development Department

  • Commander of Pie's avatar Commander of Pie
  • Nekky's avatar Nekky
  • Stevu's avatar Stevu

Testing / Quality Assurance

  • Special thanks to all of our testers and server operators for allowing the plugin to be tested against various server environments.

Localisation Team

If you don't see your language below, feel free to create an issue with the title "Translator request" with your language - we're looking to improve the multilingual aspect of the plugin so there will be more text to translate soon.

Special Thanks

  • Vincentor for contributions towards map development.
  • DFS & Redsun gaming communities for keeping the plugin alive after so many years.
  • AlliedModders for MetaMod: Source and SourceMod.