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Error 400 on pusing gem on local server #105

kasargee opened this Issue · 13 comments

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I have installed geminabox latest version and ran the file and started the server.
server is running on http://localhost:9292. When i am hitting http://localhost:9292 in IE, it is updating on command prompt where server is running with 200 code.

But when i try to use command-
C:\MyGems\rica-master>gem inabox ./rica-0.0.1.gem
Pushing rica-0.0.1.gem to http://localhost:9292/...
ERROR: Error (400 received)

I am using "USe automatic configuration script" and HTTP_PROXY variable is set to company provided address.
Please help me with solution.


Please help me in this.


Unset HTTP_PROXY variable when executing "gem inabox ..." command. Hope that helps


This did not helped. I chnaged localhost to IP address of virtual maschine on which i am working.
I am getting message on server- - - [04/Apr/2013 13:14:10] "POST /upload HTTP/1.1" 400 18 0.0313

Or else suggest me any idea for creating shared object repository


Any help? Error on pushing gem on local server.


Hey, do you have any error output from the server side? The only way it should serve up a 400 error is if the uploaded file is not present (

What web server are you hosting the app on?

Alternatively, it could be the client not pushing a file. I can't think of a simple way to test which.

Either way, it's probably a windows issue, and I don't have any windows. If you can get to the bottom of it, pull request it up ;)


I am pushing on local server. Yes i am doing it on windows. Is this gem is not supporting windows?


@kasargee did you have any luck with this? I'm running into the same issue.


I did verify that pushing to a Mac server that is hosting geminabox works when the client is Windows. Just not when using windows to host it. I get the 400 on the server-side as well. I even set the ./data directory on the server to allow Everyone to no avail.


No, i did not. I gave up this solution. I am using require_all gem for object repository.


Simple solution, don't push .gemspec file to geminabox server. First you must build your gem, and after that you can push .gem file to server without 400 error :)


So nobody found a solution when windows is hosting geminabox and uploading a gem is resulting in 400 error ?


I also have the problem on linux debian jessie

Pushing Gemfile to
400Cannot process gem
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